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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Adventure Club: Do you accept daily drop-ins?

    Due to staffing and safety considerations, students can attend the program only on days indicated on their contract. No drop-ins will be accepted. 

  • Adventure Club: How do I enroll my student into Non-School Days?

    Non School Days require a separate Eleyo contract.  Enrollment for each NSD will begin approximately 2 weeks prior, and will stay open for limited days and only while space is available. A non-refundable activity fee of $25 per child per year is required. Refer to the Non School Day program drop down tab, under explore all programs, for more information and registration dates. 

  • Adventure Club: How is tuition calculated?

    Fees are based on a school calendar year’s tuition (the days before/after care is in session) and broken down into 38 equal, weekly payments. Invoices are emailed to customers every Monday during the school year (excluding the week of spring break and the two weeks of the December holiday break).  Each period may have a different number of school days in session, but the payment due remains the same for each weekly period. Holidays and scheduled days off are not included in the calculation of rate. 

  • Adventure Club: How will I be invoiced and how do I pay?

    Invoices are emailed weekly to the account owners email address on file. They are sent on Mondays and due on Wednesdays of every week. Autopay is required on each account and Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX and ACH checks are accepted. If a payment is returned or declined by a financial institution for any reason, a $25 service charge will be assessed to the account. 

  • Adventure Club: What is the minimum number of days my child can attend the program?

    Families can pick either a three or five day contract for students to attend before, after or both before and after care. If only a three day contract is needed, the days must be set to specific days of the week. Switching days will only be considered if room is available. 

  • Adventure Club: Will I receive tuition credit if JPS cancels school?

    Inclement Weather and Facility Outages Policy states:  When classes at Jenks Public Schools are cancelled due to acts of nature or a facility outage, our programs will also be cancelled. No tuition credit will be given for acts of nature if they are part of the District’s calendar weather days. These weather days are made up at the end of the year. 

  • Can my child attend Summer Camp if they are not a JPS student?

    Adventure Zone (Summer Camp) is only available for students enrolled in Jenks Public Schools, and who have completed Pre-K through 5th grade. 

  • How do I add/remove and emergency contact?

    After logging in, select your name at the top of the screen and select Your Account / Relationships. Next to each family member's name, use the View Info button to access the Emergency Contacts link in order to manage emergency contacts for the selected person.

  • How do I enroll in a program?

    Program enrollment begins by logging into Eleyo at

    Already have an account? Use the email and password previously used. Brand new to Eleyo? Click on "create one now" to begin the enrollment process.

    • Once you are logged in, at the top of the page click the drop down box labeled "explore all of programs".
    • You will find information on Adventure Club, Adventure Zone, Little Trojan Academy, and Non-School Days. Once you have selected a program, click the blue "learn more" button. This will take you to that specific program page to find more information about the program.
    • Once you have determined the program you need to enroll, locate the green "enroll now" bottom to begin the enrollment process.
    • The attending children section is where you add new children to enroll. Or you may select the one of your children already listed. If selecting an existing child, verify all information is correct before proceeding.
    • Update, add and/or remove emergency contacts
    • The show contracts screen will allow you to select a drop down box that will provide specifics about the program & season.
    • Choose a location at the bottom
    • The terms and conditions page is the contract for each program. By accepting this page, you are agreeing that you have read, agree and understand the policies of the program.
    • Select the days of the week needed for the child you are enrolling.
    • Complete all registration questions
    • Enter financial information
    • Lastly submit the contract. Once this is finished you will receive an email stating you have a pending contract. After this step you will remain in a queue until staff can verify all information and program availability. 
  • How do I manage authorized pickups?

    Parents/Gaurdians may update their Authorized Pickups list by following these steps once logged into eleyo. 

    • Click “Explore All Program”
    • Click “Adventure Club, Little Trojan Academy, Non School Day, etc"
    • Under “Account Management”, click “Manage Authorized Pickups”
    • Under each child’s name, remove or add authorized pickups
    • If a person is not listed, scroll down and choose “Other” to add a new name and phone number.
  • How do I print my tax information?

    1. Log into your account at
    2. If you forgot your password, click “forgot password” and a link will be sent to your email to reset your password.
    3. Click the down arrow on “Explore All Programs”
    4. Click the “View Your Dashboard” tab
    5. Under “Your Accounts” tab, click program account for which you wish to print a Tax Statement (example: Adventure Club, Adventure Zone, Little Trojan Academy, etc). 
    6. Click “Download Tax Statement” button on left side.
    7. To return to the “Dashboard” or the “Manage Account” tabs, select “Your Profile” link at the bottom of page.
  • How do I print/view child care statements or receipts?

    Receipts and invoices can be downloaded from the Your History section online. Receipts are only visible to the person that made the specific payment (not by all account owners).

    To access their statement online, account owners log in, select their child care account number under the Your Accounts section of the Dashboard. Under accounts, recent payment activity will be displayed. From there you can filter by year or payment and invoices. 

  • How do I update my address in Eleyo?

    Once you have successfully logged into Eleyo by using the "sign in" button at the top of the page:

    • Locate your user profile name in the top right of the screen
    • Click on your name to get a drop down box
    • Click Your Account/Relationships
    • This screen will list all students and relationships on your account. From here you can click the edit/remove button to change & update phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, update student special needs, etc. 
  • How do I update my payment method?

    To add or update saved payment methods for your profile, after logging in, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Saved Payment Methods under the Accounts on the right.

    To update your auto-pay or recurring payments for an account or an enrollment, after logging in, select Explore all Programs and Your Dashboard. Browse to the enrollment and look for the Auto Payment or Recurring Payment attached to the enrollment. Select Change or Choose a Different Payment Method to update.

  • I forgot my login password?

    If you already have a profile, the system will recognize your email address. Use the Forgot Password button on the Sign In screen to receive a link to set a new password.

  • Little Trojan Academy: Does my child need to bring school supplies?

    Every student attending will need a backpack, pillow, and blanket. Other school supplies are requested from each student attending each year. You can find a current year list in the Little Trojan Academy handbook or by contacting them directly. 

  • Little Trojan Academy: How is tuition calculated?

    Fees are based on the year’s tuition and divided into equal weekly (every Monday) payments. Invoices will be emailed every Monday except for the week of December 20. Each period may have a different number of school days in session, but the payment due remains the same for each weekly period. Holidays and scheduled days off are not included in the calculation of rate. 

  • Little Trojan Academy: What if JPS cancels school, will the ECC still be open?

    The Inclement Weather policy states: When classes at Jenks Public Schools are canceled due to acts of nature or facility outage, the Early Childhood Center will be closed. No tuition credit will be given for acts of nature or facility outages.

  • What if I need to cancel my contract?

    Written notice is required 14 days in advance, by either party, to change attendance days or withdraw from the program. If the contractee terminates this contract without giving a written notice, 14 days prior to termination, two weekly tuition payment will be assessed to the contractee's account. 

  • When will my registration fee be processed?

    Registration fees are processed at the time of contract approval. Once a child care contract is submitted, it will remain in the system queue until a staff member can access availability. Once it has been determined the contract can be approved, the payment information listed on the system will be processed. 

    Adventure Club registrations fees are $50 per child with a max of $100 per family only for contracts inside Adventure Club. 

    Little Trojan Academy registration fees are $100 per child with a max of $150 per family only for contracts inside ECC. 

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