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Learn to swim at our state-of-the-art Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center. Swimming is a lifelong activity and knowing how to swim is the first step. From learning how to blow bubbles to mastering the strokes, your child will gain the skills and confidence to enjoy the water and be safe. Give your child an early start by signing up for our American Red Cross swim lessons program where we provide water safety information as well as swim instructions.

At the start of each session, we will skill evaluate each child to make sure they are placed in the correct level. Please be aware that your child may be reassigned to a more appropriate class if necessary. In level two through four no more than four to five swimmers will be placed with an instructor per forty-five-minute session. Space is limited so enroll soon! The cost is $160.00 per child. For more information, please call the Aquatic Center at 918-299-4415, ext. 4353. 8 classes. 

This class is for level one only; however, we have provided a description of each level offered at our aquatic center for future reference. Please read through the level descriptions as you will be required to choose a level for your swimmer upon checkout. At the completion of each level, your child should have successfully mastered the skills described below:

LEVEL ONE - Enters water independently using steps, ladder and pool sides. Swimmers can swim 5 yards without assistance on their front and back, followed with submerging underwater exhaling and resurfacing (BOBS) five times. The swimmer then demonstrates a proper pool exit independently.

LEVEL TWO - Swimmers are capable of treading and floating independently. Demonstrates independent swimming on front and back for 10 yards or more and then exiting the water independently (swim-float-swim-exit).

LEVEL THREE - Is comfortable with jumping into deep water and recovering via treading and floating. Capable of completing full lengths using different stroke techniques and able to switch strokes midway through the pool length.

LEVEL FOUR - Performs feet first entry into deep water, swim 25 yards using the front crawl, change direction and then swim 25 yards with elementary backstroke. Swim breaststroke for 15 yards and transition into the back crawl for 14 yards. Submerge and swim 5 body lengths, resurface and exit the water. At this level swimmers will show proficiency in breaststroke, back crawl, butterfly and front crawl, as well as elementary backstroke and sidestroke skills.

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