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About Aquatic Center Classes /Swimming

New for 2024!
Aquatics classes are moving to one flat membership rate. Pay $40 a month to access any of our classes and open lap swimming. Tulsa Masters will remain $43 a month.

Adults Masters Swim Workouts

Join our adult workouts for fitness swimmers, triathletes, and competitive (current or former) swimmers who enjoy a group workout in the pool. ($43 per month)

M/W/F 5am-7:30am | M-F 11am-1pm,
M-Th 6pm-7:30pm | Saturday 8:30am-10:30am

Open Lap Swimming

Open lap lanes are available in the
competition pool for lap swimming.

M,W,F 5am-7:30am, M-F 11am-1pm,
Saturday 10:30am-12pm

Open lap lanes for JPS employees will be available for fitness lap swimming in the competition pool morning and midday.

M,W,F 5am-7:30am, M-F 11am-1pm
Saturday 10:30am-12pm | $10/month


This is a challenging fitness course that takes place in the cooler deep-water pool.

Classes are M-F | 9:30-10:30am


A challenging fitness course that takes place in both deep and shallow water.

Classes are M/T/Th from 5:30-6:15pm


This is a fast-paced aerobics class that utilizes the resistance of the water for a total body workout.

Classes are M/W/F from 8-9am 


This refreshing class takes place in the warmer water pool and provides a slower-paced workout to help with arthritis and rehabilitating injuries.

Classes are M/W/F from 10:30-11:30am and 11:45am-12:45pm

**If you need to drop a monthly auto draft course for any reason you MUST call the Community Education office to be removed from the class. Removing your payment method from the enrollment does NOT remove you from the course. You will continue to be charged and will have a balance on your account.

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