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  • Jenks Premiere Pom (Grades 5 & 6) EI

    Students will have fun learning proper pom techniques from the Jenks High School Pom Technique Coach Kim Clark. In a fun and nurturing environment they will learn techniques and skills required for Middle School and High School pom squads. In addition, they will perform at various Jenks community and sporting events, local college sporting events and at an annual performance. *NEW THIS YEAR!! Your choice of paying tuition monthly, or we now offer Auto-Pay/Recurring Payments! If you choose to pay monthly, you will still need to log in each month to make your payment online. Tuition is due by the first of each month. Tuition received after the 10th of each month will have a $20 late fee attached. If you choose the Auto-Pay/Recurring Payment option, you will be able to set up your payment method at check out. Your first payment be due at registration and the next payments will be automatically withdrawn the 1st of each month after you sign up. For Example-if you sign up in December for the January class and select Recurring, your next payment will draft February 1, 2023. **Class fees-$68 per month, a registration fee of $30 (includes bow, t-shirt and decal) will be collected by instructor at first class. For more information, please contact Kim Clark at
  • Wii Play (Grades 5-6)

    This active and fun class allows your child to participate in a variety of sports such as basketball, football, lacrosse, and even soccer. Students will also enjoy favorite PE games such as frisbee, capture the flag, speedstacks and survivor. Are you looking for a way to keep your child active this time of year? These are the games voted as the favorites in P.E. every year. The main objective to this camp is to get your child moving and having fun doing it. 6 classes.